Musketeer Mortgage Specializes in First Time Home Buyer Solutions

We Make Dreams Come True!

Buying a home can be stressful, and there are so many misconceptions out there about buying a home that it is difficult to tell fact from fiction. The internet is filled with conflicting information, not to mention friends and family who all have the best of intentions, but often unknowingly provide false information based upon past experiences. The mortgage market is constantly changing and lending regulations are updated almost weekly. What you need is an expert.

At Musketeer Mortgage, not only are we experts in our field, but we specialize in first time homebuyer education. We will make you feel comfortable with the home buying process and answer all of your questions until you are satisfied.

Financing options include:

  • 3% down payment options with Home Possible and HomeReady (income caps apply).
  • Temporary Buydowns Like a 2-1 buydown where the seller helps pay down your interest rate for the first 2 years.
  • Down Payment Assistance (DPAs). (must meet minimum qualifications)
  • FHA loans with 3.5% down, higher debt to income ratio allowances, and lower credit scores

Borrowers interested in learning more and taking the first steps toward home ownership should reach out to us here: Contact Us